Longwood Gardens

Skills: Exhibit Design
  • Webb Farmhouse West Gallery rendering
  • Webb Farmhouse West Gallery rendering
  • Webb Farmhouse East Gallery rendering
  • Pressed butterfly display. I sourced the butterflies, designed the arrangement and generated the construction documents for the fabricator

Longwood Gardens launched a project to return a large portion of the organzation’s land back into a meadow, and adding paths, bridges and shelters throughout. Gecko Group was responsible for developing and designing interpretive signage and two galleries installed in a 18th century farmhouse.

The client required that the design of this project needed to include subtle interpretation and a sensitivity to the land and historic structures. Signage was embedded on bridge rails, walls of shelters, and located sparingly throughout the meadow. As the Exhibit Designer, I created construction documents for exterior installations and contributed to the designs for two galleries within the historic farmhouse: a contemporary gallery which illustrates the changing seasons in the meadow and a second gallery, has more of a rustic and historic feel interprets the history of the farmhouse and land. I researched materials, created construction drawings and reviewed shop drawings and schedules created by the fabricator.