My career in the museum field started at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History where I was a Photographer and Media Assistant. During my 6 years there, I learned how to shoot and edit video and repair computer-based inter actives. More importantly, I followed curators into the field to document their work. I found myself balancing precariously on bog mats, digging up dinosaurs in a town called Manyberries in Alberta Canada, and searching for early human ancestors in the Afar Region of Ethiopia. During all of this I developed an intimate knowledge of curatorial work and I grew as a professional photographer.

Through my experience creating content for in-house exhibits at the museum, I decided I wanted to have a bigger role in creating exhibits. I applied for and was accepted into the University of the Arts Museum Exhibition Planning and Design MFA program in Philadelphia.

From the program, I learned how to design exhibits and the theory behind why museums create exhibits but my experience as a photographer sticks with me and inspires my design.

From my experience working at Gecko Group, I consider ways I can collaborate with artists and incorporate their work into the design of exhibits.