Pervasive History

Last spring, I discovered a call for abstracts for Kent State University’s CUDC Urban Infill journal. Their fall 2014 issue was to be about Historic Preservation and I decided to revisit my master’s thesis and submit an article looking at ways historic preservationists, urban planners and historical societies can collaborate. The deadline for the abstract was early June of last year. And in August, I received a notification that my article may be included but the editors would decide after I submitted a draft. After a number of months working with a historical society, I had an insider’s view on how some historical societies operate and felt that though I was right on many points in my thesis, there were other points that may have missed the mark or should have been addressed with my thesis.

So I submitted a draft and later found out that it was thiiiiiiiiiiiiiisss close to getting in, but in the end, my article didn’t quite fit with the topics covered in this issue. However, I didn’t want let my thinking or work up to that point just end, and I had an encouraging email exchange with one of the editors. So I decided to keep looking for other opportunities to submit my article.

Early March, I discovered a call for submissions for the online publication, Plinth. The topic for the spring issue is “out of the box.” I revised and submitted the article and was excited to hear it was accepted! You can read the article here.



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