Week 27

This week I performed the following tasks:

Answered budget questions from the fabricator

Started setting up the project budget outside of fabrication

2 interns started, so I set them up with work

I set up an Illustrator file for the title of a small exhibition the new curator was installing

I also created a video from clips he sent me for the same exhibit

Dave and I met with a decorative painter to understand his abilities and have him create an estimate for his work

I tried to source hazel wood for the wood conservator we intend to hire

I dug through boxes searching specific military-related objects I learned about from a conversation with a former curator.

Started looking for a second option for conserving some objects now since we learned that Buffalo State is unable to treat our objects within our short timeline.

I tested photosensitive dye by Lumi for T-shirts I’m designing for Sam’s crew.

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