ECHS: Weeks 23 & 24


The first week of August, I took a vacation to the Boston area with some friends. It felt so good to get away and not think about the exhibits for a few days. Parts of the trip were wonderfully gluttonous. One day we visited a number of lobster shacks and diners in Maine where we ate so much seafood prepared so many ways. Another day, we traveled to Boston where I had the opportunity to visit the chapel on MIT’s campus. I loved the curves, use of materials and the way the architect played with light.



I came back to Erie refreshed but also in a rush to prepare my schematic presentation I was to give to the board, staff, Exhibits Committee and friends. The presentation was a success, everyone was excited about many of my ideas and complimented me on the amount of work I had already put into it. There were a few design questions, but overall, all of the stakeholders were comfortable with the design ideas for the exhibits.

I was also excited to see what progress had been made in packing throughout the Mansion. Objects on the  entire first floor had been packed. And the boxes throughout the mansion had been organized! Unfortunately, the client still needs to determine the interim location for where all the objects will be moved to.



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