Schematic Design phase completed!

who are we?

I have been frantically working towards completing my schematic design package and getting it sent to the staff and fabricator for feedback. There were a number of challenges: This project is much more complex then previous exhibits, so I needed to find a way to effectively communicate what was happening in nine galleries, not just one. Then, I didn’t have Vectorworks, which now that I’ve spend some time working in Sketchup, I realize how powerful Vectorworks is for modeling spaces and quickly setting up sheets. (Vectorworks, I will never say a bad thing about you again, please come back into my life!) Finally, I am still doing research, conducting interviews and tours for my content development. This work often pulls me away from powering through the set-up of the package, and slows down my progress.

Speaking of tours, on Friday I visited a local collector of Marx Toys and memorabilia. He has hand-carved wood prototypes of parts for the Big Wheel. Then I had the opportunity to browse sketches created by a designer in Marx Toys Engineering Department. Some work actual sketches for ads or toy concepts, but most were sketches poking fun of people and activities in the workplace. This was an exciting development because these sketches give us a glimpse of one person’s perspective of what it was like to work for this company, but also, the sketches are hilarious!

The sketch below was particularly meaningful to me because I spent the better part of 2 weeks worrying if my drawings and layouts were communicating the important information.

Sketch by Richard Carver

Sketch by Richard Carver


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